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Military Vehicles Past and Present




Post WWII Vehicles.  These are from my time in the Minnesota National Guard with the 34th ID, or in my travels. 

Click the thumbnails to access the pictures.

M978_Fueler_DS_small.jpg (1529 bytes)    HEMMT series

m113_Cesca_small.jpg (1995 bytes)    M113 Series

m110_2_small.jpg (2298 bytes)    M110A2

M109_24th_worn_front_small.jpg (1378 bytes)    M109 series

M925_5th_wheel_rear_small.jpg (1792 bytes)    M923 Series

M60_Bridgelayer_and_Grader_small.jpg (1845 bytes)    M60 Patton Tank Series

SUSV_MN_Guard_small.jpg (1760 bytes)    Extras and others that do not get their own page