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Military Vehicles Past and Present




M113 Series of pictures

m113 engine.jpg (57233 bytes)     M113 engine-2.jpg (54280 bytes)    m113 lights.jpg (107701 bytes)    m113 Cesca.jpg (133234 bytes)

M113A1.  First two are engine compartment shots.  Next is of the Front right light cluster.  Finally, a full shot with my daughter for scale.  She is 31in tall.

M981 FistV front.jpg (62085 bytes)    M981 FistV left.jpg (49809 bytes)    M981 Hammerhead and Peri.jpg (33705 bytes)    M981 side.jpg (73395 bytes)    M981FistV Hammerhead and ariel.jpg (36570 bytes)

M981 FIST V.  Served on these for 5 years, hated them.  Top heavy, slow, 4 antenna's, high silouette.  What's not to hate?  :)