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Military Vehicles Past and Present




Pictures I have taken over the years both when I was in the Minnesota National Guard as a 13F (Fire Support Specialist) and a 63D (Tracked Vehicle Recovery Specialist).

SUSV MN Guard.jpg (22089 bytes)


M2A1 Bradley.jpg (58988 bytes)    M2A1 Bradley-2.jpg (63577 bytes)

M2A2 Bradley.  Notice the shape of the Top troop compartment door.

M35 Engineer Boat.jpg (42392 bytes)

M35 with engineer boat.

M998 Ambul rear.jpg (58250 bytes)

M997 Large Hardtop ambulance hummer

AH-1 Cobra.jpg (119100 bytes)

AH-1 Cobra

m48 rear.jpg (88340 bytes)    m60 rear.jpg (111917 bytes)

First is M48 from the rear.  Second is the M60A3.

oh-13.jpg (150890 bytes)


ripley m1 vanilla.jpg (137071 bytes)

M1 (Plain Vanilla)  Mn Guard had a few M1E1's with 120mm guns (I trained on one for recovery purposes).  Now all MN guard units have M1A1 tanks (to the best of my knowledge).