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M110A2 8inch/203mm howitzer.

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M110A2.  First two shots are from the Logistics people practicing loading and unloading the M110's on the raildocks.  This is after the M110's were officially retired from service.  The other pictures are from the static display at the Museum at Camp Ripley.  They are an overview series, a detail shot fo the right side, detail shot from the rear, detail shot of the turret race, detail shot of the breech, detail shot fo the baffle, and two shots of the front.

Camp Ripley, MN M110A2 2003 pictures.

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The main gun.  Third picture, inthe distance, you can see the parachutists practicing...they dropped right above us and landed at the airfield across the street from the museum.  Nothing like a perfect day to shoot pictures and to get a show as well.

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Business end of the main gun.  Multiple details here that are not present, or are poorly represented, in the Italeri kit.  While the Italeri kit builds up well, adding many of these small refinements will really make the kit stand out.  However, this piece at Camp Ripley is showing its wear, mainly in the seat cushions, due to the elements.

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Misc. detail shots.  Look at the roadwheel/rubber interface.  Also, look at how rough the engine cover is in texture, definately NOT on the Italeri kit.   And who painted that thing!  It has brush strokes on it!  Try and pass that by a judge.